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Obsolete Comics presents: Crisis

Deadline: Sunday 31st of May 2020

A fictional comics anthology open to submissions which explore what changes, and what doesn’t, in times of crisis.

We want to celebrate community spirit and demonstrate that by working together and supporting each other societies can adapt and thrive, even in dire circumstances.

We favour slice-of-life and science-fiction, but not strictly. We encourage the weird and wonderful - your characters can be any species, and the story can be set in any place or time.

We are particularly interested in stories that incorporate the use of technology or tools, and those with a retro-futuristic style, if that's your jam.

We would like to avoid non-fiction diary comics, or any comics specifically taking place during the current COVID-19 pandemic. Use your own experiences, but think outside the box to create an unusual fictional story from them!

The nitty-gritty:

Send completed submissions to submissions@obsoletecomics.co.uk by Sunday 31st of May, 23:59(GMT) at the latest, using the subject header "Crisis Submission". Please include the name(s) you wish to be credited as, and any social media accounts you would like to promote. If you have any questions, email the same address with the subject header "Crisis Question".

Have fun, take care and remain indoors!