What's all this then

Hi! Thanks for visiting, I know there's not a lot to see here right now but I'm hoping that will change.

Back in 2020, at the start of the pandemic, something snapped in my brain and the result was Crisis, the first Obsolete Comics anthology. We raised over £200 for the homelessness charity of the same name (Crisis) and showcased some incredible comics by fantastic creators from around the world. I was humbled by their efforts and the response to their work (including a fantastic write-up at the one and only Broken Frontier), and this year I'm finally taking a few copies out into the wild as comic fairs and festivals make a welcome return.

Since then, regrettably, not a great deal has happened at Obsolete Comics HQ. I've withdrawn from social media and have been focussing on the many wonderful things I'm lucky to have in the real world.

But I haven't turned the lights off in here yet!

With a more local, offline attitude, I'd like Obsolete Comics to be part of a community of comic creators based in and around Bristol, while also maintaining an online platform to champion their work to the wider world.

If you're a comics artist, writer, or just someone who doodles small and dreams big, and you're in the Bristol area, I'd love to learn about your work and ambitions, and extend my support.